4 Essentials to an Effective Therapist Website

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If you own a private practice then you know how important a website is. You’ve probably heard it a 100x “you need a website to succeed!”. What I’m about to tell you is something you probably haven’t heard 100x over: Your website can get a lot of visitors and still not be doing its job. And if your website isn’t doing its job then you’re wasting money on things like hosting and website maintenance. What you need is not just a website, but an effective website.

Having an effective website means your website isn’t just getting visitors, it’s getting the right visitors. Not only that, but it’s telling your visitors exactly what they need to do and how they can do it. Whether that be telling them what services you offer, how to contact you, or where you’re located. So what exactly makes a website effective?


A major component of a highly effective website is strategically placed calls-to-action. Placing CTAs around your website in highly trafficked areas takes the weight of making a decision off of your website visitor. Calls-to-action enables you to help make the decision for them. And when you’re making the decisions for your client, you’re the one in charge. And if you’re the one in charge, then that means more calls, more sales, and more clients.

So what does a call-to-action look like? A call-to-action can range from something as simple as a ‘Schedule a Free Consultation’ button to an invitation to read your blog or sign up for your newsletter. Anything that prompts your website visitor to do something on your website is a call to action.

Strategic Design

A website that has been strategically designed can be a powerful tool for your practice. A strategic website design involves things as simple as the font you choose to things as complicated as the functionality of your website components. So what exactly is a design strategy?

Design strategy involves designing a website with the user experience in mind. This can range from making points of contact easily accessible, having a straightforward/easy-to-navigate layout, to having an easy-to-read font. A strategic design isn’t just placing elements in easily accessible areas. A strategic design is a beautiful design. A modern and cutting edge website is essential to having an effective website. If someone clicks away the moment they see the neon 90s website design, then what good does investing time into strategic element placement do?

Engaging Content

Now, although design and layout are important, they’re not the only factors that make your website effective. Engaging and relevant content can either make or break a website. Your content, whether it be text, pictures, or video, is what ultimately captures and holds the viewer’s attention. Good website copy is crucial to communicating your services and capturing the reader’s attention. But beyond that, creating additional content like blogs, helpful guides, etc. can add that much more value to your website.

Mobile Responsive

Say it louder for the people in the back. You NEED a mobile responsive website. 50% of users will access your website from their phone or tablet. That percentage is rising every single day. If someone visits your website on their mobile device and it looks like a jumble of links, text, and oversized images, they’re not going to give you another chance. Even if your website is the bee’s knees on PC, if your first impression is a crappy mobile interpretation then they’re not going to revisit your website on PC later.

Is your website mobile responsive, uncluttered, engaging, and strategically designed? If so, then congratulations you are the proud owner of a highly effective website! If not, then I highly recommend investing time and money into making your website effective. If you’re interested in giving your website some TLC then check out our website services here.

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