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  • John Clarke Business Coach + Marketing Consultant

    John Clarke is a licensed psychotherapist and a private practice expert at Private Practice Workshop. After learning a lot of things the hard way while building his first practice in San Francisco, he started a blog to share with others the lessons he had learned. Private Practice Workshop was born, and this blog eventually evolved into so much more: a thriving Facebook community, a successful podcast, online courses, and coaching/consulting. Some therapists want to learn how to use digital marketing to grow their audience and get more clients, but the majority just want to leave it to the pros. John loves being a part of Unconditional Media to meet the biggest need of therapists: getting more clients! When he’s not nerding out over all things private practice, he’s playing jazz drums, practicing Muay Thai martial arts, and talking to his pets like they’re humans. He reports directly to our Director of Squirrel Management, Lucia.

    • Lucia Director of Squirrel Management

      Lucia spent the first 6 years of her life in some far off place that we’ll never know about because she was only just adopted recently. John brought home Lucia, a border collie/shepherd mix on Valentine’s day 2017 and trained her up to work with his therapy clients everyday in the office. When she’s not on the clock at Charlotte Counseling & Wellness, she’s keeping Unconditional Media a squirrel-free environment by chasing them up trees but never really catching them. Lucia’s 5-year career goal is to finally catch a squirrel. What she’ll do with it once she’s caught it is still a question that Lucia ponders each day.

      • Simon Maennchen Project Manager

        Simon Maennchen is an avid tech enthusiast with over 7 years’ professional experience in Information & Technology. He is the Digital Project Manager and Customer Sales support specialist at Unconditional Media, striving to improve and deliver great digital experiences for colleagues and clients alike. Hailing originally from Wellington, NZ, Simon has now moved to Berlin where he enjoys cheap donor kebabs, and is in pursuit to find good barista coffee that reminds him of home.

        • Matt Headland Google AdWords Specialist

          Matt Headland is a Google AdWords Specialist at Unconditional Media and dedicates a whole lot of his time to mastering Digital Marketing. Previous experience includes a housing nonprofit in Appalachia, an education nonprofit in Akron, and a large tire company in Akron. He lives for helping others, and sees search advertising as a way of assisting those who need therapy. Matt hails from northeast Ohio, and now calls the plucky Rubber City of Akron, OH home. Matt enjoys a good hike, a good beer, and a good adventure with people who aren’t afraid of getting their shoes dirty. As a fun aside, Matt recently forayed into bat removal for a neighbor.

          • Eric Vlahos Google AdWords Specialist

            Eric Vlahos is a Google AdWords Specialist at Unconditional Media. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Akron with a focus in Marketing Management, Sales Management, and Underwater Basket Weaving. Eric has years of marketing and branding experience with small businesses, large companies, and local outreach organizations. It is with this knowledge that he strives to help practices of all sizes reach people who need help through search advertising. Eric loves to help people who help people. In his free time, you could find Eric hanging out with friends, taking trips around Ohio, drinking wine that he feels tastes eerily similar to the wine he just had, mentioning Greece anytime he can (he’s 33% Greek, and he’ll soak it up anytime he can) and trying new things.

            • Matt Milloway SEO Specialist

              Matt Milloway is an SEO wizard and full-time wanderlust. His background, focused on improving the online presence of others, includes years of web design experience and learning best practices for search engine optimization and online marketing. Matt’s time away from his computer often involves morning runs, international soccer, and hunting down a cup of exceptional coffee in far-flung locales.

              • Charlotte Milliken Web Design & Digital Marketing

                Charlotte Milliken is a web designer and digital marketer at Unconditional Media. Prior to Unconditional Media she worked as a freelance website consultant. When she isn’t designing websites you can find her at the gym, chilling at the local library, or tweaking her homebrew kombucha recipe.

                • Sorina Mondan Writer

                  Sorina is a Psychology graduate and a content writer with over four years of experience in writing. For Unconditional Media, she does the thing she loves most, which is combining her passion for writing and her love for psychology and research. She loves traveling to unknown places and learning about new cultures, cooking and of course, psychology and self-improvement, and has immense satisfaction when she helps others to become the best version of themselves.

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