Copy Writing Coaching

You can send all the traffic in the world to your website, but if your message isn’t compelling, no one will call.

What else is at risk when your web copy misses the mark?

It hurts your brand, your reputation, and your bottom line.

Marketing is simply getting in front of more people so that you can help more people. It’s about telling your story and also telling the story of your potential client so that everything they read on your website is an affirmative experience. Each word encourages the visitor to read on, and when they’ve read just enough, to give you a call.

Over years of working with therapists in private practice, I’ve developed a framework for copywriting that blends marketing psychology, a deep understanding of the today’s therapy consumer, and classic storytelling.

Each word on your website is an opportunity to grow a relationship with a new client. Don’t let it be an opportunity to lose out.

How Does Copy Writing Coaching Work?

We’ll spend the first session drawing out what makes you different, what you want to be known for, and what you want your legacy to be.

I’ll teach you essential branding and advertising concepts so you can keep creating after our session.

Once your brand and vision are crystal clear, we’ll get our hands dirty with your website copy by drafting new versions of your pages on the spot.

What are you waiting for? Let’s start creating.

Brand portfolio and examples of web copy coaching outcomes:


Foundation Therapies: Rebuild your foundation, rediscover you.

KIP Consulting: In a big world, I help people find belonging in small places.

Simi Psychological Group: We help you do different.

Queen City Wellness: Here for you.

CRM Counseling: Better together.

Charlotte Counseling & Wellness: We’ll help you find calm again.

Deb McNeil: Rewrite your story.

Constructive Parenting: Connecting parent and child.

About page:

Jennifer Keyvan, PhD

Matt Smith, LPCA, LCASA

Mission statements:

Foundation Therapies: We help professionals rebuild their foundation for a healthy relationship, guiding them to design a values-driven life and rediscover themselves in the process.

Center for Relational Transformation: We help people transform their lives and their relationships. When people are more connected to themselves, they’re more connected to their partner. They’re more connected to their families, they’re more available, they more loving. They become examples to others of how you can be in the world. They’re building a stronger community. They’re living from a heartfelt place.

Home page:

Simi Psychological Group:

You’ve run out of ideas to solve the problems in you or your family’s life.

Continuing to approach new problems with old solutions is keeping you stuck, disappointed, frustrated.

You’re too anxious to go to work.

You’re disconnected from your partner.

You’re getting calls from your kid’s teachers. They’re wondering if your kid might need extra help in the classroom.

The result is living a life where you or your family are doing nothing more than just trying to get by.

We help you avoid things getting worse.

We help you make a plan and take hold of your life again.

We help you do different.


Alyssa Mairanz:

It’s hard to live in a big city trying to figure out how to be an adult.

Where to go with your career,

How to make friends,

How to find a partner,

How to not be lonely.

And pretending that those feelings aren’t there won’t make them go away.

I help by keeping you from getting stuck in those feelings for too long.

We’ll work together on making it better.

Better means you’re making new friends that you’re actually excited about.

Better means you’re loving your job again.

Better means you’ve got a clearer picture of where you’re heading in life.

Better starts now.

  • Copy Writing Coaching
    $375/ 45-min session
    • 45 minutes of copywriting coaching
    • Teaching essential branding and advertising concepts
    • Guided by Donald Miller's Storybrand framework
    • Co-creation of tagline, slogan, and mission statement
    • Co-creation of home page, about page, and services pages