SEO for therapists and counselors in private practice

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps get you to the top of the search results in your area. Ever searched for your private practice website in Google and wondered who controls the text displayed in the results? The answer: You do!

These listings, called SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), represent the foundation of good SEO and are vital to optimize your website using keyword research, competition analysis, and understanding your ideal client.

Our Basic SEO Package optimizes this text for your website to increase your page rankings and private practice’s visibility to potential clients.

Basic SEO Package

Keyword & Competitor Research

Keyword and competition research using industry leading data analysis tools and years of experience.

SERP Optimization

Optimized SERP snippets. In other words, we create better page titles and descriptions that appear in search results.

Personalized Guide

Personalized one-page guide for creating better blog posts and other future content with SEO in mind.

Advanced SEO

These Additional Features

Website Content Optimization

Optimizations to your visible website content. We’ll work around your body text to improve page titles and create keyword-rich headings and sub-headings to break up content.

Google Services

Help setting up Google Search Console and assistance with Google Analytics integration in your WordPress dashboard. In a nutshell: Better website health and better data.

  • Basic SEO Package
    $666/ Month for 2 Months
    • Includes 6 Web Pages*
    • Keyword & Competitor Research
    • Optimized Search Snippets (SERPS)
    • Personalized Guide
    *Pay for additional pages as needed.
  • Advanced SEO Package
    $812/ Month for 2 Months
    • Includes 6 Web Pages*
    • Keyword & Competitor Research
    • Optimized Search Snippets (SERPS)
    • Personalized Guide
    • Website Content Optimizations
    • Google Services Help (i.e. Analytics)

    *Pay for additional pages as needed.

  • Basic SEO - Additional Pages
    $75/ each
    1 Additional Page for Basic SEO Setup*
    *Must be purchased with the original package
  • Advanced SEO - Additional Pages
    $95/ Each
    1 Additional Page for Advanced SEO Setup*
    *Must be purchased with the original package

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m considering updating my website content?

If you plan to improve your existing content or add new content pages (i.e. a new therapist bio or service page), these edits should be completed prior to the SEO work kicking off to ensure the workflow is efficient and your SEO specialist has updated content to work with. Please let Unconditional Media know of any plans to tweak website content during the sign-up process.

Will you be changing page URLs?

No, we will not change the URLs of existing (i.e. live) website pages. Editing URLs has a negative impact on SEO and the only way to circumvent this issue involves a technical process that may be hard to maintain over the life of your website. We will, however, create optimized URLs for new and unpublished content if you plan to add these pages to your site in conjunction with purchasing your SEO Package.

What does the process look like?

Upon signing up, our SEO expert will schedule a kick-off call to learn more about your practice and ask questions relevant to great search engine optimization. The research phase will then take place behind the scenes; we’ll leverage keyword and competitor research using a host of tools and years of experience to come up with all the information needed to complete your Basic or Advanced SEO Package.

What is the main focus of the Basic SEO Package?

Our Basic SEO Package edits your SERP data; these are the snippets you see in Google search results for your website pages and serve as the foundation for great SEO. While we’ll need access to your website’s backend to complete these changes, no visible content on your site will be edited.

How does the Advanced SEO Package differ?

Our Advanced SEO Package also addresses the visible content on your website. We’ll create a keyword worksheet specific to your practice and work with you to improve things like keyword density, as well as to craft better page titles, headers, and so forth.

How can I ensure the SEO optimizations on my website appear in Google and other search engines?

Search engines like Google automatically reindex websites. In many cases, your website’s new data will appear in searches before your SEO expert even wraps up the project. Google Webmaster tools also offers easy solutions for website owners to expedite this process, though rarely necessary, and to track their website’s health from month to month.

Please note new website owners must ensure their site is indexible by search engines. Specifically, WordPress owners must ensure the box under Settings -> Reading entitled “Search Engine Visibility” is unchecked.