John ClarkeBusiness Coach + Marketing Consultant

    John Clarke is a licensed psychotherapist and a private practice expert at Private Practice Workshop. After learning a lot of things the hard way while building his first practice in San Francisco, he started a blog to share with others the lessons he had learned. Private Practice Workshop was born, and this blog eventually evolved into so much more: a thriving Facebook community, a successful podcast, online courses, and coaching/consulting. Some therapists want to learn how to use digital marketing to grow their audience and get more clients, but the majority just want to leave it to the pros. John loves being a part of Unconditional Media to meet the biggest need of therapists: getting more clients! When he’s not nerding out over all things private practice, he’s playing jazz drums, practicing Muay Thai martial arts, and talking to his pets like they’re humans. He reports directly to our Director of Squirrel Management, Lucia.